VIP Day with Tiffany

Anew your power during this all-inclusive experience!


After a well-deserved massage by a fantastic massage therapist, and delish meal (customized options), break through to your Power Moves!



Only a group of 4 VIP's can take advantage of each VIP Day. Both will be located at a luxurious Midland/Odessa location. (Learn more)

The Effective Executive: Leadership Workshop


Make your next move your best move! This thought-provoking and unique workshop will highly improve your organization's leadership, productivity, employee...Learn more


Competent Communication in the Workplace Training


Learn what to say and how to say it. This interactive and effective 4-hour training will highly improve your organization's climate, communication styles...Learn more


Success, Yes I Can

Make your next move your best move!

  Do you have dynamic goals but don't know where to start? Feel Stuck?

 Are you high-achieving but find yourself daydreaming or only talking about goals now?


      Discover what's REALLY holding you back. Make Power Moves: dynamic goals for your life, transformed into reality!

You might need:

  • Personal freedom from your FEARS or limiting beliefs. You can't do it?? Lies, all lies! 
  • Accountability and support
  • Valuable resources as you make dynamic power moves
  • To get focused. 

We have two VIP Coaching (1:1) programs designed just for you!



  • Do you have dynamic goals but don't know where start?
  • Ready to stop daydreaming and settling?
  • Are you tired of feeling STUCK and unfocused? Learn more


  • Are you still stuck in certain areas but ready to thrive?
  • Need coaching support and resources to stay on track?
  • Are you ready to work smarter, not harder?







From the outside looking in, we tend to view the glory of others' accomplishments. They may appear strong, smart, gifted and exempt from the trials of life…But, there is a story. There is pain, doubt, fear and other surprises to overcome. This is Tiffany Bernard’s story.


We all have a purpose and dynamic life to live! Are you tired of daydreaming or merely talking about this dynamic vision you have for your life? Do you want to transform ...Learn more



 "Transforming lives and inspiring others is what I love to do!"



 • Do you need a captivating keynote speaker?

 • Are you hosting an empowering seminar?
 • Does your church need a speaker to share a powerful testimony?