Unapologetically transform your vision into a dynamic reality!

  • Do you have dynamic goals but don't know where start?
  • Ready to stop daydreaming and settling?
  • Are you tired of feeling STUCK and unfocused?


This 5 week intensive program is designed for you to fearlessly stand in your power and get on track.

 * Personalized Action Plan

   -Clarify immediate and long term goals

   -Develop Goal Execution Strategies


* 4 One-on-One Power Sessions (45 minutes; video chat or telephone)

   -Identify and break free from fears and obstacles

   -Eliminate limiting beliefs and negative patterns

   -Gain powerful insight and clarity

   -Confidence building; affirm your strengths and power

   -Strategically plan and accomplish weekly goals

   -Accountability and support

   -Prioritize and enhance time-management

   -Creative activities and "homework" assignments, when needed


* 1 Bonus Laser-Focused Strategy session (15 minutes via telephone)

   -Need some additional support between sessions?

   -Need to focus on a specific goal or matter?


* Weekly Power Session Notes

   -Track your progress, insights and success

   -Emailed to you after each session


* Email Correspondence


"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." ~Nelson Mandela 


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