A syndrome is a set of symptoms identifying a condition or problem. But, it is NOT a disease, and can be overcome…

We all have a purpose and dynamic life to live!

Are you tired of daydreaming or merely talking about this dynamic vision you have for your life?

Do you want to transform your life but don’t know how or where to start?

Well, this insightful workbook is just for you. Move forward believing that you have the power to accomplish your goals!


“I've never met a strong person with an easy past.”~ Unknown

From the outside looking in, we tend to view the glory of others' accomplishments. They may appear strong, smart, gifted and exempt from the trials of life…But, there is a story. There is pain, doubt, fear and other surprises to overcome. This is Tiffany Bernard’s story, a self-admitted survivor of the Superwoman Syndrome. Through Tiffany’s experiences, understand the real power behind making Power Moves: dynamic goals for your life, transformed into reality! Tiffany did it, and so can you.

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Available in paperback and Kindle formats.

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