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Tiffany Bernard, Dynamic Living Coach

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor & some style." ~Maya Angelou


The multi-talented Dynamic Living Coach, Tiffany Bernard, M.A., is dedicated to transforming dissatisfied lives to dynamic and fulfilled ones! “Dynamic” is the essence of who Tiffany is...


Proud CEO & Founder of Anew Life to Live (est. 2013), Tiffany is also a Certified Life & Career Coach, Author, Power Moves Strategist, Transformational Speaker, and Licensed Professional Counselor.


She has made it her life’s work to help you break free of fear, the lies we tell ourselves and the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.


She specializes in Life Transitions Coaching, Personal Freedom Coaching, and Strategic Planning. As a result, these strategies have proven to be a catalyst to her clients' SUCCESS stories! They accomplish their Power Moves: dynamic goals transformed into reality.   


She has overcome many fears, challenges and personal traumas of her own. Subsequently, her resilience, understanding, compassion and experience has been the driving force behind her mission.


Tiffany engages the full range of her creativity, vibrant personality and empowerment when partnering with her clients on their journey. Her insight, unique ability to connect and unearth the inner greatness in people is remarkable!


After an eight-year career in School and Mental Health counseling in 2012, Tiffany realized she was not just a traditional counselor. She also struggled with overwhelming stress, emerging health concerns and re-defining fulfillment in her life. Nevertheless, her persevering spirit and relationship with God helped her to overcome those obstacles. She committed to a lifestyle change for her health and personal healing.


Tiffany then waved goodbye to her own fear of the unknown, took a “leap of faith,” by leaving her hometown, Chicago and relocated to San Diego, California. This change allowed her to continue her new life full of peace, career satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness that she redesigned.


Tiffany believes “it’s never too late to thrive! You, too, can transform your life!”

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