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Here's what some clients had to say about working with Tiffany!


"Tiffany Bernard is a true gem! I signed up for five power sessions. I have a lot of great gifts and talents that I needed to get organized in my head. Through my laser coaching sessions with Tiffany, I was able get unstuck and get going. She provided me with resources to help organize my many projects.


She's a great listener and provided me the encouragement I needed through a challenging time. I looked forward to my weekly sessions. Tiffany provided honest feedback and the email session recaps are priceless!!! I have emails that I can go back and reflect on to remind me of the power I have and to keep pushing! Yes, Tiffany will help you stand in your power!! She will help you pull out your strengths and live life fearlessly! Absolutely fantastic experience. I call her my life coach but I also call her my friend! Thanks Tiff!!" -

"Meeting Tiffany has changed my life. In 4 short sessions, she encouraged me to peel off the layers that were keeping me from my true self. It really is all about loving yourself. With Tiffany, I was able to face my fears and acknowledge my strengths. I am now living my dreams and potential in a way that is producing positive results. I cannot thank her enough; She is an Angel in an earth suit."- Pamela W., Artist and Registered Nurse

"Here’s a woman that stepped out on faith to pursue her dreams of owning her own business and helping people....There are so many other valuable components to Tiffany as a life coach. Besides being a true professional, she’s not judgmental. She allowed me to be myself and express my feelings. I felt so comfortable after our first session. She gave me valuable feedback...She gave me homework, yes, HOMEWORK! If you want to change your life, there’s work involved and Tiffany cannot and will not do this by herself. You have to help her help you.


The exercises and feedback I received gave me hope and it helped me become proactive in trying to dig deep inside...I started to see the light. Thank you for helping me restore order in my life. Thank you for helping me to learn how to stick up for myself. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for giving me Anew Life To Live." -Chris J., Author and Youth Mentor

          "Tiffany facilitated the path to helping me uncover some core beliefs I held, which were holding me back. She also gave me a tremendous amount of insight and inspiration. She helped me navigate my course to realizing my dreams...


     Working with her felt completely organic. She was very professional, yet warm, she made me feel supported, comfortable, trusting, gifted, unguarded and encouraged. Tiffany is a very intelligent, invested, genuine and caring life coach. Some coaches are very mechanical, inauthentic, and don’t create a space for true vulnerability. I experienced a real journey of expansion with Tiffany. My life and perspectives have changed, as the journey I have taken with Tiffany, has made me reexamine and restructure my goals for greater success and inspired me in new and innovative ways."-Tanya H., Life Coach and Special Education Teacher

“Tiffany is awesome. A young woman whose wisdom surpasses her age. Her compassion and love for people is seen and felt in all she does. Tiffany takes pride in her work and everything she touches is a fruit of her passion and dedication. Working with her has been my privilege and honor. I would recommend her with my eyes closed!!!"- Mary A., Professional School Counselor

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“I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany in 2012. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate Life Coach. She has a talent for looking at things from a unique point of view and can lead her clients to this view. She has been very well educated in the field of Life Coaching and anyone who has the privilege of being her client will be richly rewarded.” -Ron W., CEO Controller Tuning & Design

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“As an entrepreneur just starting out, my sessions with Tiffany helped me evaluate myself and my actions, as they related to starting my business. The sessions gave me insight so I could better prioritize my time and energies in order to move forward in my professional goals. I appreciated that Tiffany tailored my sessions to meet my needs.”

-Kira T. Owner, Creative Roads Consulting

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“My perspectives were biased and according to me, I was failing at everything! I had the strength to face the day but lacked the courage to conquer it with gusto… until I began meeting with Tiffany. Through various approaches and self-exploration activities we were able to resurrect the essence of my being, and reconfigure my outlook on life. My self-worth was identified and restored! I’m unable to entertain the belief that I could have accomplished such feats without the assistance and support of Tiffany...


She’s welcoming, positive, understanding, kind, competent, and nonjudgmental. I love the support and encouragement I receive from her as well. Since working with Tiffany, I’ve started a small business, reconnected with my primary passion, and even began looking for ways to help others get the ball rolling with their own lives and careers. Though our journey together is still in progress, I’m ecstatic to know that in the near future my progress will be immeasurable.” -Shameika R., Entrepreneur

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"I always feel listened to and heard when in session with Tiffany...she really 'tracks' with me!  Tiffany has a way with asking me the important question in the moment, so that I get right to the place where I can navigate to my answers and travel ahead in a strong and positive direction.” -Mona H., Intuitive Life Coach